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. >> a giant upset at the box office this weekend. plus perpetual troublemakers paris hilton and lindsay lohan spend the weekend weaving their way through legal issues. your "first look" at entertainment is straight ahead. wall street is getting back on its feet. but the financial landscape is still full of uncertainty. in times like these, you need an experienced partner to look out for you. heads up! and after 300 years we have gotten pretty good at that. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. >>> welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. friday night on "late night with jimmy fallon" jimmy pointed out that strange behavior can come in handy as an actorment. >> it turns out that joakim phoenix's stint as acting crazy and weird was a performance for a new movie he has coming out. when he heard that, mel gibson was like, me, too? right? act actor. >> this is kind of nice. paris hilton rescued 20 rabbits from a pet shop after she fo
are straight ahead. >>> plus perpetual troublemakers paris hilton and lindsay lohan spend the weekend weaving their way through legal issues. >> another rough outing for brett favre, redskins and texans need overtime and a remarkable grab by randy moss. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today," i'm lynn berry and here are some of your top headlines this morning. as the ballots are counted in this weekend's afghan parliamentary elections, observers of the vote are questioning its legitimacy. they're concerned about numerous fraud complaints. also, it appears some afghans were scared away by violence that killed 11. preliminary results are not expected until october. >>> a wave of attacks across iraq yesterday killed at least 36 people. it marked the worst violence there since the u.s. formally declared an end to combat operations. >>> and in california, actor randy quaid and his wife are facing burglary charges after apparently being caught living in a house they haven't owned for years. officials say the couple insisted they still own the home. but doc
on in the glamorous lives of lindsay lohan and paris hilton. oh, boy. ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking in on your morning commute. one closure. if you're traveling in the area of northern parkway on falls road, they are cleaning up after an earlier fire. we'll let you know when that reopens but take role ened avenue or the jfx as your alternate. we're doing well as far as speed censors. no problems to report on the north or west side on 95 moving well from howard county 32 to 175 down to 32. let's go ahead and give you a live look at traffic. around da lanie valley, over to a live view coming toward us southbound traffic in through the fort mc
. -> and paris hilton kicked out of japan. why immigratioo gave her the boot. >> live, in high definitioo, from wbff tv in ballimore, this -ssfoxx45 news "late edition". >> heelo again, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i will jeff barndd if you drive in the baltimore area this may come as no >> the area has some of the worst roads in the country. but now a new study reveals what bad roadd areecosting you. jeff abell has the price tagg >> liiten closely. to the sounds of frustration. >> potholes are unrepaired. you have some people that may not see it in the last minute. they shift over and there is an are in poor condition. in tte country..3 >> streets are bumpy and everything. but man it will cost me some money. >>>there is a price to pay for rough roads. forever see the results of all of those bumps in the roads. >> one time this lady hit a pothole and lose control and hit somebody else. >> and cost of repairs is soaring. in fact, the same study by the transportation research groou estimates baltimore motorists are spending an extra $603 a year n repairs because of broken roadways. >> it ccst m
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night he was the first to be eliminated from "dancing with the stars." >>> finally, paris hilton has been booted out of japan. hilton was denied entry into the country just days after she pleaded guilty for a misdemeanor drug charge in las vegas. yesterday officials delayed hilton's entrance while looking into her case. she was forced to schedule a scheduled tokyo news conference to promote her fashion and frag gance lines. to avoid talking about paris hilton, going through a tumultuous time in my life i would want jodie foster on my side. >> out of nowhere. >> didn't know they were close frenz. >> i never heard of the magazine she was quoted from, but -- >> a great actress and a fw person. >>> this comes to us from wvva in west virginia where there are definite signs that fall is right around the corner. a couple of farmers are showing off the ultimate halloween accessory. three massive pumpkins that weigh between 500 and 950 pounds. the giant gourds are still on the vine. gaining around two pounds each day. next month, they will be entered in an annual pumpkin festival. by then the
's going on with her. paris hilton, what's happening to her, too. she can't travel to japan anymore. what happened there? >> what are they going to do in japan? how are they going to survive. >> she had a public appearance, but not anymore. i don't know if the folks are going to be able to live without her. we'll talk about all that coming up. avery, richard, thanks so much. appreciate that. we'll be right back after this. what's this option? that's new. personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. >>> i'm absolutely thrilled. all i ever wanted to do was go back to my unit and do my job. just for that chance, i'm really excited. >> that's air force veteran major margaret witt found herself discharged unit don't ask, don't tell, found it unconstitutional. the supreme court asked to reinstate her to duty. >>> they have unsuccessfully blocked a bill that would allow the repeal of don't ask don't tell. the legislative stand overis watched by current and former members of the u.s. military who were never
are going to see you again later on in the hour. we are going to talk paris hilton and none of those cases are related. it is fascinating isn't it? >> it would be fun to see if we can put them all together. >> it will not affect your beautiful facebook page. it is fantastic. >> boy, you are kind. very nice. okay i'll see you in a few minutes thank you so much. all right well meet the high school graduating class of 2023. >> how much money is this? $10? and do you think if you go to college do you think it cost more than $10 probably huh? so you need a lot of these to go to college. >> san francisco's mayor says these kids are seven times more likely to go to college because they are already saving money courtesy of the taxpayers. you . they go through every car and truck we make with a big fat red pencil. because they know a family's going to be inside. a teenager. a guy on the way to the job. the engineers of chevrolet. just another reason why we can offer a 5-year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. and another reason why a chevy's a chevy. there's no way to hide it. sir, have you been dri
. >> jamie: we will remember this week and we can never forget. >> coming up, has paris hilton killed her coke bust defense in 140 characters or less? a reported tweet that could mean big trouble. >> later there's nothing cuter than a newborn panda is there? except maybe twins. more pandas, more fun. it is the best of the rest, next. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. >> jamie: here's the best of the rest. they are dropping like flies on "american idol." i'm not talking about the contestants. kara dioguardi is stepping down as judge on the hit show. she is the third "american idol" judge to quit this summer after simon cowell and ellen degeneres leaving randy jackson as the only one on the panel. there have been rumors on who will take the open spots. the show has not named any replacements yet. >> these newborns look like beanie babies. born august 11th, at a zoo in jap
. thank you. >> jamie: we will remember this week and we can never forget. >> coming up, has paris hilton killed her coke bust defense in 140 characters or less? a reported tweet that could mean big trouble. >> later there's nothing cuter than a newborn panda is there? except maybe twins. more pandas, more fun. it is the best of the rest, next. host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? randy: sorry man, you all right? man: yeah, im good. yeah you just winged me. randy: think anybodys going to notice that? man: yeah, probably. maybe we should just go sledding... vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> jamie: here's the best of the rest. they are dropping like flies on "american idol." i'm not talking about the contestants. kara dioguardi is stepping down as judge on the hit show. she is the third "american idol" judge to quit this summer after simon cowell and ellen degeneres leaving randy jackson as the only one on the panel. there have been
nationwide. >>> and breaking news overseas. one country sends paris hilton packing. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. we begin this morning with those explosive, new revelations about how the obama administration is managing the war in afghanistan. >> they are contained in a soon-to-be-released book, by long-time "washington post" journalist, bob woodward. and suffice to say they do not present a flattering picture. >> emily schmidt is in washington with details. >> reporter: rob, vinita, good morning to you. woodward's newest book outlines a series of explosive, internal conflicts about the war in afghanistan. according to "the new york times", which says obtained a copy of this book. it expresses serious doubts about the u.s. strategy by a number of officials. one goes so far as to say it just can't work. that strategy involves the president sending another 30,000 americans into the fight last winter. mr. obama is said to have been uncomfortable with attempts of military commanders to force him into the decision to send those troops before he wanted to do so. the pent
hello kitty will not accept paris hilton in return. our rising sun pals hate cocaine convictions as much as they love sushi and booted out paris as a result. the air headed paris cancelled her asian tour for her fragrances after falling victim to the immigration laws. let's go live to nothing in particular. >> i look forward to coming back to japan in the future. i love every -- everyone and can't wait to see my fans when i get back. >> i'm really tired. >> so happy. she is a national treasure that sadly is no longer an international treasure. thank god there are still dogs who wear hiking boots. >> make him come to you. >> you can catch part two of that on "the o'reilly factor" and part three -- >> that dog wasn't even hiking. >> it is on "hannity." >> he says the question is too tough. >> absolutely. >> an american panel would not be kind. >> they will tear him apart. >>> amy, shouldn't we as americans stand up for a citizen denied entry for something as mean yell as cocaine? >> yes. i just am reminded to cancel my spring break 2011. i wonder where they stand on child lifting. >> i res
drill. people inside. >>> paris hilton had business in asia but she never made it past the airport in tokyo. we'll hear what she said on her way out of the country. > and call it the name game for a write-in candidate. spelling is everything. what if your own campaign makes a mistake and misspells your name? >>> welcome back. it will only come to a few neighborhoods and it will come at a price with some severe thunderstorms. >> as you can see on the radar loop, it is coming with some lightning. the nature of these storms whi you can expect, these will be the kind of storm that fe very quickly across the area. they'll bring some brief heavy rain as well as some wind and lightning. i'll show you the locations that have gotten the wind and rain. >> here you go. watch it. there it goes. one person runnin the drive is still in the vehicle. we'll back out and see. we have this guy here. >> you're watching the dramatic end to a high-speed chase that took place in miami this morning. not only did it went a crash but one suspect was taken down with a stun gun. another was dragged out of the
to bottled water. or not. could paris hilton's latest run in with the ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower alone. but today's a new day. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time. about prescription treatment options and support. >>> which water do you think tastes better, bottled or tap? d.c. water officials did a taste test yesterday in southeast, the esults? 50-50. people either thoug the tap water tasted better or they couldn't tell the difference. officials hope the results will highlight the benefits of drinking local tap watr. >>> paris hilton is avoiding the slammer after getting arrested about three weeks ago for ocaine possession. instead she will serve aear prove base after agreeing to a plea deal. the heire was arrested after a tiny bag of cocaine fell out of her purse. she will serve 200 hours of community service but she's now on very thin ice. officers say if she guess anything other than a minor traffic ticket while on p
para sultan was turned away at the airport. -- why paris hilton was turned away at the airport. >> coming up, details on dining out and how it could help save a life. >> we are tracking stronger thunderstorms. the weather forecast is coming up. some clouds have moved in, but is still warm. >> here is will we working on for 6:00. thousands of dollars spent on a city employees' office while the city itself struggled to say -- struggle to stay financially afloat. a surprise guilty plea by a man accused of racially-motivated beating. we are live at the courthouse with details. we have those >> paris hilton is on her way back, and our private jet after being denied entrance into japan. she was supposed to promote her fashion and fragrance lines at a news conference this morning in tokyo but was never able to leave the airport. >> sayonara, paris hilton. the celebrity socialite left to return to the u.s. after being denied entry into japan. >> i look forward to coming back to japan in the future. >> where are you headed now? >> japan has strict immigration laws preventing entry to an
the creation of the social networking site. >>> and paris hilton's move tt she hopes will keep her out of jail. think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming ourives. now imagine the ssibilities of what tomorrow could bring. of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we supporthe fcc's plan to bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will continue to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t. >>> a really nice da today but summer isn't done. >> we thought these 90s -- >> we were hoping. >> yesterday, phoenix, arizona, got to 111 degrees. denver, 96. guess where
could send her back to jail. and paris hilton is expected to plead guilty for drug possession last month. under the deal, she'll serve a year of unsupervised probation and complete a drug abuse program. >>> still ahead on wjz-13 eyewitness news at noon. as you look outside, stick around, your forecast is coming up in 2 1/2 minutes. >>> first, here's today's midday stocks. ,,,,,,,,,, old gibbs canning company. ,,,,,,,,,, today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. er >>> take a look at that shot, it's beautiful outside. we have ups and downs coming in the forecast. 74-degrees is where we are now in baltimore. dew point is down to 42 degrees. we started out in the 60s and it's dropped because the air's drying out because the cold front went through. now, the w
law, paris hilton was not allowed in because of a felony of drug possession. >>> stay tuned, bernadette woods will be back in the first warning weather forecast. >>> first, here's today's midday stocks followed by last night's megamillions numbers. ,, tax on everything you buy? ,, that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. if they have their way, we're facing a mountain of debt and a massive tax increase. employers will continue to leave our state, taking their jobs with them. the next four years will impact the next decade, so we've put together a road map to 2020. a plan that brings jobs back to maryland by reducing spending and lowering taxes. let's make the maryland we love not just good, but
? the government's going to decide today if you can serve it up for dinner soon. >>> plus, paris hilton and lindsay lohan fess up about cocaine. will they be heading back to jail? [ female announcer ] stay once... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving heat patch activates sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals for deep penetrating relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. >>> critics call them frankenfish, and one could end up on your dinner plate. the fda begins hearing to find out if genetically engineered salmon will become the first genetically modified food from an animal that can be sold and served in the u.s. dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. this has caused an uproar if a lot of places. >> it has. >> one of the biggest questions with this fish, engineered to g
harwood one of the mod raters of the event and he's going to join us. >>> paris hilton pleads guilty to drug charges minutes ago but won't spend any time in jail. details on that coming up a new movie slamming facebook founder mark zuckerberg. hear from two of zuckerberg's former classmates who say he's nothing but a thief. ♪ every day you check the weather, check the time ♪ ♪ check the news online ♪heck the wife, eck the kids ♪ ♪ check your email messages ♪ check the money in the bank ♪ check the gas in the tank ♪ check the flava from your shirt ♪ ♪ make sure your pits don't stank ♪ ♪ check the new hairdo, check the mic one two ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm about to drop some knowledge right on top of you ♪ ♪ you check a lot of things already why not add one more ♪ ♪ that can help your situation for sure ♪ ♪ check your credit score ♪ free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ free-credit-score ♪ you won't regret it at all! ♪ check the legal y'all. >>offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage.® >>> developing now, news that may come as a surprise to many o
problems, right? >>> news i'm sure you're dying to hear about this morning. paris hilton is back in the united states. obviously the story yesterday, came out overnight she was not allowen jauses pleaded guilty to arge in america. k t
. >>> coming up, paris hilton and -- avoid jail time on it dropped charges. >> the documentarian remembers his washington d.c. our roots. >> a sign that we are out of the recession. >>> we have breaking news coming out of atlanta right now, where a plane just made an emergency landing on the interstate. we're looking at live pictures right now. this is interstate 85 in atlanta. some lanes have closed, but others remain open at this hour. there is no word on what forced the plane to land on the highway. no injuries are reported. it appears that the emergency personnel has been able to keep a few lanes open. >> that -- he is an award winning director from d.c. and he is taking on a very serious topic. >>> you saw him on oprah this afternoon. you will see him at a lot of other places, too. he grew up in d.c. and returns here often. he won the oscar for directing "an inconvenient truth." >> your children are on the titanic and everybody is going to drown. >> he tries to make movies that get everybody if we did get everybody talking. >> he grew up in d.c. and his parents sent him to private school
paris hilton pleaded guilty to cocaine possession. she was fined $2,000 and ordered to complete 200 hours of community service. if hilton has any new arrests in las vegas she would go to jail. >>> straight ahead, your tuesday morning weather. >>> plus, in sports, a cliffhanger ending on monday night football. we'll show you next. [ female announcer ] it's not always easy to get the calcium we need from our diet. caltrate delivers 1200 mg of calcium plus vitamin d to help reduce your risk of osteoporosis. it's never too late for caltrate. and now big news -- the same caltrate comes in a new, smaller, easy to swallow pill. when pain keeps you up, nothing is proven to help you fall asleep faster than advil pm liqui-gels. rushing real liquid relief to ease you to sleep fast. for nighttime pain, make advil pm your #1 choice. get up, get moving. subway has breakfast. and it's a slam dunk. i like my breakfast sandwich with green peppers, onion, banana peppers and mustard. i like eggs with black forest ham on wheat. with everything. i like a little kick. that's a good call. i like mine with
the welcome mat out from under paris hilton. they don't want any more paris. after using rogaine for a while, i went to my stylist and she said hair was growing back... i was like, yes, this works... [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys. puhh puhh puhh putt and that's it. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining. boss: and now i'll turn it over gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance. >>> welcome back to msnbc, the place for politics. alaska senator lisa murkowski under fire for launching a write-in campaign to save her job. she lost the republican primaries and the tea party candidate joe miller on "daily rundown" just this morning she is a sore l
, guys. well she may have spent more time on her hair than she did in for the. -- court. paris hilton today made a deal to duck felony drug charges and did it in less than 30 minutes. celebrity justice anyone? on "kelly's court." a bank surveillance camera captures a desperate moment in a horrifying crime. a mother right here withdrawing thousands of dollars in order to pay a ransom for her captured family. her captors were outside. within an hour she and her daughters would be dead, brutally murdered. a fierce debate is underway over the death penalty for the accused killers. the next guest after the break says it's not appropriate here. has details, you can get them now and join us for the debate in three minutes. >> what's your emergency? >> i've got bill petit here who is hurt, my neighbor. >> he's at your house? >> yes, he's right here. >> get in the house, get in the house. get someone here now, now, head injury. activia has delicious news for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my
fairy rescue. it's rated g. i'm megan that's the low down. >> paris hilton heads to court if las vegas today. harris hilton pled guilty to 2 drug charges. last monnh she was charged with cocaine possession you may recall and obstruct ago police officer. now under the terms of the plea agreement she will serve one ear of probation and she must do 200 hours offcommunity service. also avoid serving any jail time. lindsay on the other hand may not be so lucky. accress admits she failed a court ordered drug test. this just weeks after lohan was release from jail and ccurt ordered rehab. under the terms of the probation failed test means 33 probation failed test means 33 days at least behind >> joe flacco benched that's what fans are cclling for cincinnati.avens lost to >> hhrbaugg feels about making a change in quarterrack. nnxt in sports. >>> about and looking at cllar skies here over maryland. you can se today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institut
with it pinheads and patriots up next. paris hilton booted out of japan and a new song about me, shocking. moments away. we need directions to go to... pearblossom highway? it's just outside of lancaster. sure, i can download directions for you now. we got it. thank you very much! check i out. i can like, see everything that's going on with the car. here's the gas level. i can check on the oil. i can unlock it from anywhere. i've received a signal there was a crash. some guy just cut me off. i'll get an ambulance to you right away. safely connecting you ways you never thought possible. onstar. live on. . >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. tonight japan says no to paris hilton. but first my book has debutted at number one on the book scan list. we thank everyone who is supporting the book. interesting to see if "the new york times" has us number one. they do interesting an accounting overthere. if you buy pinheads and patriots upon we'll send you a tote bag free. all the money derived from the website goes to charity now the mail. jim: i'm a tea party member. you described
't but this one is just too price lee. could paris hilton's twitter account lead to her undoing in court? what paris tweeted that could crumble her defense against the cocaine charges that were brought against her last weekend. [singing] good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain. megyn: drug related violence, and it is bad surging in monterey mexico, south of the u.s. border. soldiers killing at least 25 suspects in a gun battle not far from the mexican business capitol. this comes less than two weeks after another massacre near america soil. so what is going on? trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with more on this reporting and more on the context and perspective on exactly what we've been seeing in mexico recently, trace. >> reporter: you talk to the federal drug algts, megyn and they will tell you the -- agents, megyn and they will tell you the proximate euplt ma taoef the drug battles is a concerning thing for them. this happened south of the u.s. border. what happens is mexican military forces sent reconnaissance in, a flight over this ranch and they
in flames. a look at which celebrity's home was destroyed in a terrible accident. >>> paris hilton set to go to court today. what she maps to do about her latest run-in with police over drugs. we'll be right back. senior -- what she plans to do about her latest run-in with police over drugs. we'll be right back. nwa >>> disaster strikes a malibu home of actress and tv personality ricki lake. she said she was trying to rephysical a portable heater when the couch caught fire and flames engulled her home. >>> turning now it paris hilton's latest legal troubles, she is expected in court in las vegas today. hilton has agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanors in connection with her arrest in sin city last month. she struck a plea deal allowing her to avoid serving jail time and avoid a felony conviction. instead, she will be put on probation for a year. she was originally charged with cocaine possession and obstructing an officer. >>> shirley sherrod breaks her sile innocence a church yesterday in the district. she spoke if he metropolitan african methodist episcopal church on m street northwest
an interim superintendent. >>> it is 7:22 on wednesday morning. paris hilton denied entrance into japan. we'll tell you why coming back. >>> and summer is over but you can still check out some of the water activities later. stay with us. it's 7:22. a f# $$j? >>> paris hiltons legal troubles are interrupting her international travel plans. she's heading back to the united states after being neglected from japan. her appearance was canceled. she just pled guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge in las vegas. >>> the white house among the millions to have the twitter site hacked. a norwegianon programmer admitted that he effectd it with a virus, quote, just to see if i could do it. and visitors to twitter found that hovering their mouse over a link could cause pop up messages, websites open up in their browser and directing some to pornography. the white house secretary noticed the problem right away. >> there will be those that want to gum up the system and things like that. it doesn't -- i don't hesitate to continue to use it. >> if it can hit the white house course bond object -- corre
with the stars." >>> finally, paris hilton has been booted out ofjapan. yesterday officials delayed hilton's entrance while looking into her case. she was scheduled to cancel a tokyo news conference to promote her fashion and fragrance lines. you know what? i don't feel bad that she wasn't given preferential treatment this time around. >> worse than that, she wasn't allowed through the door. i think they would do that. >> last we checked, she was staying at a hotel on the grounds. i'm sure her business won't take a huge hit from this. >> she'll probably like the publicity. who knows. >>> in bluefield, west virginia, there are signs that fall is right around the corner. a couple of farmers are showing off the ultimate halloween accessory. three massive pumpkins that weigh between 500 and 950 pounds. the giant gourds are still on the vine. next month, they will be entered in an annual pumpkin festival. by then, they hope to tip the scales at over 1,000 pounds. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 n
sexual assault the woman did survive. >>> paris hilton know what to jail time for cocaine possession under a plea deal. she will serve a year of probation. she was arrested late last month during a traffic stop. she was arrested in south africa for marijuana possession earlier this year. those charges were later dropped. >>> a woman held hostage falls in love with her attacker. this film filled with romance and intrigue is a winner. >> ben lafollette leads a group of ruthless robbers then "the pound -- and affleck -- ben affleck leads a group of ruthless robbers in "the town." it is one of the year's great movies. it is a best bet along with "the other guys," "inception," and others. >>>> karl caused a landslide, burying houses and killing a woman and child in said. the eye of the storm hit landfall earlier this afternoon, dumping 8 inches of rain in 90 minutes. >> those are the tropical systems. it may enter the pacific ocean and become georgette. it would become a different name. it is unusual to have that much activity in the atlantic. outside, it has been a beautiful evening. pal
gps. katy perry's bachelorette party in vegas. russell brand melee in l.a. paris hilton in court. >> i was in possession. >> then george and elisabetta. jessica simpson with her girls. all in the "e.t." slide show. the search for the new oprah is on. >> you have to have the it thing. >> we're behind the scenes with the queen of talk as she joins forces with nancy o'de
, always good to see you both. bill: while you talked, paris hilton was leaving a courtroom in las vegas, pleading guilty to drug possession charges. in a moment we'll get you an update from vegas and find out what happened inside and what her punishment might be, next. martha: desperate times call for pratt measures after randy conveyed and his wife, charged with burglary, a bizarre story, folks. cost cops say they basically have been squatting in the guest house of a home they sold three years ago. the owners called the police and noticed someone out back and they allegedly tried to convince the officers it was still their house and he was also charged with resisting arrest. very sad, something is not quite right there. bill: and, paris hilton leaving a las vegas courtroom moments ago, a new videotape and he recently entered a guilty plea to misdemeanor drug possession an obstructing a police officer and police found cocaine in her purse a month ago and, he said it belonged to someone else and she did not know how the drugs got there and lauren murphy from our affiliate kvvu is in the
conviction. the judge that in 30 days in jail if she violated parole against him at paris hilton was sentenced to a year of probation and pay the 29-year- old hotel heiress was arrested last month when a bank of cocaine fell from her purse. she admitted lying to police and claimed that the purse and drugs were not orders. she must pay a fine and 200 hours of community service. >>> the food and drug administration became a hearing today on whether to approve genetically engineered salmon for human consumption and critics are calling it frankenfish. they say it's safe and environmentally sustainable, of course, critics worry that it may include dangerous allergens and if that proves it may be on grocery shelves within two years. >>> and leather industry tonight. for the second time in less than one week the -- another mystery tonight for the second time in less than one week the of a whale has landed on the bay area coastline. >> reporter: national park service officials say the call came in at 7:00 a.m. with beachgoers referring that a 50-foot dead whale had washed up on ocean be
tormenting his 13 year-old daughter u.s. durable policy. today after pleading guilty to a drug charge paris hilton london and more problems. if this was her court appearance yesterday in las vegas today japanese officials delayed for at the airport in tokyo while deciding whether she should be allowed into the country because of the drug manner. she's traveling to promote her fashion and fragrance line immigration officials reportedly questioned her for hours today she's staying at an airport hotel will they come to a decision. why clef sean has officially ended his bets with for the presidency this is a singer and family on an early visit to the country he's been fighting an uphill battle of stories questioning whether he met the legal requirements to run for president he does live in new jersey. he announced today he's not going to fight any more to be included in the november race carried >> social media world this morning as some users fell victim to an ugly hackmatack and no news of others around the world word silent while twitter told viewers to stay with for the website well they wo
on news 4 at 4:00, paris hilton settles over her famous phrase. >> plus we're looking a the best halloween costumes. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes fogiant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions om a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do. >>> because of the way you feel about me? >> yes. you're a great help for us. you're a natural leader. >> there they were. skywalker yoda, obi-wan kenobi once again coming to a theater near you but this time all in 3-d. some time in 2012, the makers of the "star wars" movies will release all in 3-d. they'll be released chronologically once a year starting wi "the phantom menace." >> hallmark cards has reached a settlement with paris hilton. the celebrity socialite sued hallmark afterthe company released a greeting
lawyer is working to get those charges dropped. >>> access denied. paris hilton's promotional tour cut short when immigration authorities refused to admit her to one country and find out why she got the boot. >>> new concerns about that owe- called super bug. what is being done to stop the threat before it spreads. we'll find out in just a minute. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ what's all this? big news! we have another way to help you save. oh, really? how? by bundling. if you get your homeowners and auto insurance together, we give you even more savings. ooh! big bundle. [ chuckling ] home and auto together. it's like peanut butter and jelly. oh, or like burgers and fries. or pickles and ice cream. unicorns and glitter! no? bundling to save you more. now, that's progressive! call or click today. >>> the space shuttle discovery rolled out for its final mission before the fleet is retired. the shuttle arrived at the kennedy space center launch pad yesterday. disco
's going to affect rush hour. >>> paris hilton fesses up in court. what she admitted to doing. and the sentence she faces tonight. >>> i'm bob turk. first warning weather center. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. >>> here's tonight's report from wall street. [ male announcer ], need a better way to save for the things you want? meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a wish list, that helps you set aside money for the stuff that really matters... just put the things you want on your wish list... and contribute money when you feel like it... then, watch as you get closer to getting what you want. wish list is built to make saving a whole lot more fun. experience all the ways virtual wallet can help you save at pnc. for the achiever in us all. >>> a shot of millers island. chesapeake bay there. lovely afternoon. great, great weather. get out and enjoy it. going to get a lot warmer by wednesday. it will start chilly. in fact, i expect some suburban areas to get in the 40s. this time of day could get up to 76, 77. and look at these tempe
. this is your read? >> is it? also topping celebrity news, new trouble for paris hilton. >> and dax is joining us because we love talking about the story. what is the latest and good morning to you? >> hi, dax. >> good morning, guys. here is the thing. this could get really bad for paris hilton. she was caught the other day with the cocaine out in las vegas. but this could be a felony charge against her. right now they are going through the evidence and they are going to decide if they want to charge her. well they have charged her but it's a felony possession and vegas is very, very strict when it comes to drug possession. she could face four years in prison however i doubt that would happen. i mean it was such a small amount. it was like .08 grahams. but just listening to the whole story, it's pretty comedic with her saying no, this is not my oak cain, someone put it in my purse and i switched purses and it was in there. but it does seem a little far- fetched. >> paris, always causing problems. tell us about demi moore. i here she's quite the dancer. >> after her role in strip tease. what wa
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